Sports medicine is associated with a variety of options. The industry not only offers a lot of variations but offers a challenging field of work varying from injury prevention to treatment and recovery. Also, as far as a lot of medical career choices are concerned, let me tell you that there are many developing fields of alternative sports therapy as well. Let us talk a

What should be the eligibility factor?
  • The first thing is that a person with science background with additional knowledge of sports is preferred every single time.
  • The second eligibility factor is that you must hold a high school diploma (with science subject)
  • 4 years' bachelor's degree in science or at least science subjects in the curriculum
  • MDs and surgeons would be given an additional advantage. (can be given an additional advantage)
Specialization In Sports Medicine

The fact is that there are a variety of specializations in the field of sports medicine; for example, exercise physiology, physical therapy, orthopedics, sports nutrition, biomechanics, etc. Every field has its own diverse requirements:

Major areas of specialization include:
  • Coaching
  • Science of Exercise
  • Physical, as well as Athletic Training
  • Health & Physical Fitness Promotion
But you have to check the specifications because it varies from institution to institution!Now I will tell you some of the details about the jobs in this field:
  • Dietitian: You can become a dietitian and in this job you just have to plan the diet for an athlete and decide on his intake of essential nutrients. For this you yourself should have a fine knowledge of all these things. The dietitian should have an American Dietetics Association (ADA) or Indian Dietetics Association, or whatever country he or she belongs to, approved internship and a certification.
  • Fitness instructor: You can also be a fitness instructor works. For this job it depends solely on you as to where you want to work! Either you can work in the gym or on a regular job for a sports team. If you want to work along with the fitness team, then it will include the physical therapists, coaches, exercise physiologists, etc.
Other jobs that are associated with this line are medical physician, or you can be an exercise physiologist or you can be a biochemist as well. Again you must have relevant qualification to choose any particular specification for yourself!