You must be thinking that jobs in sports industry are there in plenty, but at the same time, the fact is that sports industry is a very competitive field. The sports industry is mainly divided into ten main sections. Here is the list of all the sections: sporting events, trade shows and meetings, sport sponsors, sport related media, sport facilities, sport retailers and manufactures, and professional sport services. I hope you will agree with me on the diversion of the sports industry into these major sections. It is believed that the industry in particular has a large turnover and that is why it has a very strong influence on many people's lives via the media and participation. It is also geared up with a lot of attracting features that make a lot of people get attracted towards this industry every year! If you really want to make a career in this field, the you all must know that the industry is composed of different components. These are:

Different Components in the Sports Industry
  • Sporting goods – this component basically deals with equipment manufacturers, high street sports retailers
  • Facility management, provision and maintenance - motor sport facilities, stadiums, sports and leisure centers
  • Sports coaching: as the name suggests, it mainly deals with the coaches as well as trainers.
  • Sports tourism -the tourism industry also offers different kinds of packages for fans attending the world cup matches, or Olympics or other such events.
  • Sports development – this component of sports industry is also one of the major sports development initiatives, that also deals with a majority of governing bodies for various sports, those who are associated with local authority as well as different sports development officers
  • Sports-related gambling/betting: this is not what I recommend all to do, but still it exists and forms one of the strongest component of the sports Industry.
  • Professional sport
  • Health and fitness: provide all kinds of fitness schemes, health procedures etc.
  • Sports medicine – deals with sports injury clinics, physiotherapists
  • Outdoors and adventure activities - mountain biking, climbing, canoeing
Here is a rough salary range in the sports industry

Coach: $20,000-$400,000+ (College) and $20,000-$70,000 (high school)
Sportscaster: $18,000-$1 million
Sportswriter: $15,000-$1 million
Sports Event Coordinator: $24,000-$90,000+

So what are you waiting for. Just make sure that you choose your best job as far as the sports industry is concerned. And here I would like to tell you one more thing. The fact is that your education qualification play a very important role in determining as to what type of job you want to choose for your sports career. If you are better qualified, then never settle for an underpaid job. Otherwise you will get underpaid options in all your future jobs as well. So put your best foot forward as far as choosing a better option in your sports field is concerned.