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Future in Unusual Sports Jobs
Norris Karl

By Norris Karl
Published on February 10, 2009
Here are different and unusual sports job options for you:
1.Administrator of a Sports Organization -

Here are different and unusual sports job options for you:

1.Administrator of a Sports Organization -

A lot of people have this perception that all those folks who are responsible for organizing sports clubs and leagues are left out in the cold only because of the fact that they are not active as other athletes are! But the fact is that in order to be an administrator of a Sports Organization you need to go through a lot of challenges as it is quite a demanding job that requires patience and dedication. It is because it becomes your sole responsibility to organize sub-groups within the Organization to work cohesively with one another. And this type of task is geared up with a lot of responsibilities as well! And if you all kinds of different skills, then you might be qualified for this.

2.Athletes of unusual Olympic sports -

Well a lot of sports events that fall under this category are Olympic ballet, race walking and…trampoline? In reality these were actually introduced in the Athens 2004 Olympics though it remains to be seen if they will be included in future Olympiads also.

3.Another example of the unusual sports is competitive hot air ballooning. -

This is a very interesting sport that is getting popular day by day. And the fact is that you don't need to be physically fit. But the main requirement is that you do have to get a license to operate a hot air balloon. And gender is not at all an issue with this sport!

4.My forth option for all of you is known as foxhunting that is yet another unusual sport where women can compete equally with men. So here also you don't have to worry about the gender factor at all. But it is geared with some amount of risk that riders can fall and break something, especially when the hunt gets fast and furious.

5.Sepak takraw is yet another option for you!

It is a perfect combo of gymnastics, volleyball and soccer.