It has often been seen in a lot of sports that a coach will have his/her team go through drills without But at the same time a majority of them don't really pay much attention to what the players are doing. This happens in softball too. Drills are not any good if a coach does not pay much attention to the individual requirement of each player and know what’s happening and correct the mistakes. The fact is that all kinds of drills require coaching. Let us talk about some important tips as far as softball coaching is concerned.

The fact is that at all the time when players are indulged in practicing hitting the ball, then all the coaches must have the responsibility to make sure the player isn’t doing anything that will make it difficult to hit the ball.

Here I would like to give you an example. Hitters want to keep their back foot planted firmly at all times. And to go with the right kind of option, the front foot on hitters should stride straight at the pitcher.

And if they will step away from the plate then this process is known as “stepping into the bucket” and it is the duty of the coach to correct this step. At the same time it is the coach's duty to ensure that the players don’t pull their head (and eyes) off the ball while they’re swinging.

Apart from these main things, there are a hell lot of other things as well that a coach should look at. Some of these aspects are: are the position of the hands before, during, and after a swing, the position of the back elbow before the swing, and how tightly a player grips the bat.

Now it is a must that players should go through a practice of softball coaching drills that test a player’s ability to throw strong and accurately from a many different distances. And it is the duty of a coach to look at the thrower’s feet, arms, and upper body when the players are indulged in throwing the ball. Improper footwork should be corrected at that particular time itself.