Drugs and sports should not go side by side but still a lot of players make sure that these two factors connect with each other! This should not be done! The fact is that a lot of sports players make use of drugs in order to increase their performance level. There are two types of cases in usage of drugs in sports. One is accidental and the other one is doing this intentionally.

Let us talk about the accidental usage of drugs: as far as this case is concerned, a player may not have a knowledge that he has been introduced to drugs, especially if the athlete adopt self-medication for minor illnesses. So in this case this does not becomes his fault at all. You will find that a lot of drug substances are readily available in for the medical purposes, and a lot of players mishandle these drugs without knowing their consequences!

Let me give you an example, in a lot of cases, a majority of cough and cold medicines and painkillers contain minimum amounts of alcohol and other drugs. You didn't know that right! As a consequence, the abuser has to be guilty for what he didn't do with bad intentions at all! Here is one more example: when the trainers of these players tell them to eat certain medicines that are arrayed with certain drugs without having ample knowledge about them. There are thousands of such examples that you will find in the history of sports!

Now let us talk about the intentional Usage: lot of athletes are not satisfied with their performance level. They true their level best but when nothing works in their favor, they switch over to the intake of drugs. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport is not new. We have seen these kinds of things in the past as well. It is not only done to enhance the performance level but to increase size, endurance and stamina of the athletes as well.

But these drugs are arrayed with a lot of side effects as well. A player gets to know about all these things at the later stage of their life.