Playing the game of darts can prove to be an immensely fun filled activity as well as an excellent sport provided an individual knows the right technique of throwing darts, otherwise you may ruin your fun. That is why it is recommended that in order to throw darts, one must have a fair knowledge of the rules and must understand that the dart travels through a curve, and the speed with which the dart is thrown should continue the movement until it reaches and strikes the dartboard.

As far as throwing dart is concerned, let me tell you that it is completed through five stages -- aiming, backward move, and acceleration, release and a follow through. All these things play a very important role and if just one thing is must, a player won't be able to play in the best possible way. When we say that we should have the right aim then the process means that the three things: the dart, the eye and the target have to be in a same line. It is always recommended by the experts that backward movement of the dart has to done slowly and by controlling the aim, and you will be able to do so only through a lot of practice!

Acceleration, is not that essential, but still plays a very important role and that is why it has to be done very smoothly, that allows it to go along with the follow through. But if your throwing technique is perfect then your release will come naturally and that too in the most perfect manner.. Follow through is keeping the same position for a while, even after you have managed to release the dart, that is to aim at the target.

One more thing that I would like to tell you that while throwing a dart one should not move the whole body, but restrict the whole moment to the arm alone. Also it is recommended that elbow should not be moved and should be in a fixed position while moving backward and should be alleviated during acceleration.

Using the wrist to throw a dart does not really help, but at the same time a majority of people think that by using their wrist, they can gain the required speed. But in order to get the most perfect results, while throwing darts and to avoid the dart from wobbling, a player should make use of standard form flights and middle length shafts.

One quick tip: In order to get the best throw, the darts should not point too much upward or downward.