The fastpitch softball drills can help you become the dominant athlete that you have been longed for so long! If you take out some time in order to practice the drills, you will surely become one. Following are a few exercises for your help:

Drill 1: Very Fast Pitching Machine (Softball Hitting)

Purpose: To emphasize a short, soft stride and quick hands.

Procedure: Move the hitter very close to the machine or set the machine on high speed. The batter tries to make contact with a regular swing. This can also be done on a field with the help of fielders and base runners or in a batting cage.

Drill 2: Rabbit (Softball Base Running)

Purpose: To improve the player's explosive power of a base.

Procedure: Runner 1 is at first base, while runner 2 is 10 feet from first base and in the direction of second base. On the head coach's signal, runner 1 tries to catcher runner 2 before runner 2 reaches second base.

Drill 3: Fielding Bunts (Softball Catchers)

Purpose: To simulate game conditions while fielding bunts down the first and third baselines.

Procedure: The catcher assumes the position behind the plate with full gear. A helper is at first base and a helper is behind the catcher with softball (where the umpire would stand). The helper rolls a ball out for the catcher to field and throw to first or third.

Drill 4: Soft Hands (Softball Fielding)

Purpose: To field balls on the short hop.

Procedure: Partners wearing paddles on their hands stand 30 feet apart and they throw one-hoppers back and forth. They need to use "soft hands" to field the ball and bring it to the cradle or heart position. Use a softer ball to start.

Drill 5: Spin Drill (Softball Pitching)

Purpose: To teach the fingers the proper grip and ball spin.

Procedure: The pitcher stands three feet from her partner, either a catcher or another pitcher, grips the ball for the pitch she chooses, and then spins it to her partner. She does 15 of each of her pitches. If the partner is a pitcher, she can do the spin back; otherwise the catcher can catch it and give feedback.