The history of softball is as much interesting as the game itself is! Softball has its origin in America, like most of the sports. America has always been known as the most innovative and inventive nations of the world when it comes to sports. Softball is close relative of America's one of the most popular sports baseball. However, both have significant differences. The origin of softball dates back to the nineteenth century, even though the sport had not gained much popularity at all. The first ever version of softball was invented in Chicago in the year 1887, by a reporter from the Chicago Board of Trade. He was George Hancock, who tried to innovate a winter version of baseball.

Farragut Boat Club was the first venue, where the new version of softball was evolved, which was then known as ‘indoor baseball’ was first played. At that time, instead of a specialized glove for the game, a boxing glove was tied to the ball, and instead of a specialized bat, a broom handle was used to hit the ball.

In the year 1895, softball was played as an outdoor game for the first time in Minneapolis. Firefighters played it for exercise. At that time softball was known as kitten ball. After years of development in the game, the first ever softball league outside the United States was formed in Toronto, Canada, in the year 1897. The name of the sport had undergone a series of changes since 1926, including indoor baseball, kitten ball, diamond ball, mush ball, and pumpkin ball. Standard and international rules of softball were first agreed upon after the formation of the Amateur Softball Association in the year 1933.