We think that the job opportunities in the sports industry are plenty, but this is not like that! Sport industry is a very competitive field. It is divided into ten sections, which contains thousands of jobs in various aspects including sporting events, trade shows and meetings, sport sponsors, sport related media, sport facilities, sport retailers and manufactures, and professional sport services.

Sport industry has a complex infrastructure. In order to understand the industry, one needs to know that it is composed of different components. Here are the different components in the sports Industry:
  • Sporting goods - equipment manufacturers, high street sports retailers
  • Facility management, provision and maintenance - motor sport facilities, stadiums, sports and leisure centers
  • Sports coaching
  • Sports tourism - packages for fans attending the world cup matches, or Olympics
  • Sports development - sports development initiatives, governing bodies for various sports, local authority sports development officers
  • Sports-related gambling/betting
  • Professional sport
  • Health and fitness - health clubs, GP referral schemes, personal fitness
  • Trainers
  • Sports medicine -sports injury clinics, physiotherapists
  • Outdoors and adventure activities - mountain biking, climbing, canoeing
If you want to know every section of the sports industry, you also need to understand the type of activities that take place here and the respective organizations that provide them. If you are planning to get involved with sporting goods, you should know the different types of goods that are available through specialist equipment manufacturers and high end retailers, plus names of the various companies involved.

In the same way, if you are aspired by doing a job in sports development, you should be aware of what 'sports development' is as well as the various jobs available for sports development officers, organizations that employ them, like the local authorities and charities governing bodies of different sports.

Salary is also one of the concern that should be accounted while seeking for a job. Salary in sport industry ranges in the following ways:

Coach: $20,000-$400,000+ (College) and $20,000-$70,000 (high school)

Sportscaster: $18,000-$1 million

Sportswriter: $15,000-$1 million

Sports Event Coordinator: $24,000-$90,000+