Disc golf has evolved as a popular game worldwide over the past decade. The melding of golf and Frisbee makes disc golf very innovative and traditional. It can also be considered as a physically demanding game. There are certain established rules that set it apart from other sports. Here are some of the steps to learn disc golf rules. Follow these rules and start playing the game the way it was meant to be played:
  • First of all, try to learn a little about the history of disc golf. Understand the game as well as the equipment involved in it. You can get all the information either online or in books and various magazines.
  • Learn about the major terms in disc golf, including tee pad, the basket, lie, par, drive, putt and approach. Remember, disc golf is played in a natural environment or around buildings, using trees and other natural structures as boundaries.
  • Know that unlike golf, where a player can hold only 14 clubs, disc golf has no such limit on how many discs a player can hold. Even though disc golf is very much like ball golf, there are different kinds of discs as opposed to clubs.
  • Visit the Professional Disc Golf Association website in order to get detailed information on disc golf rules and regulations. While learning them, pay special attention to the order of play, etiquette, and principles of disc throwing.
  • Indulge in playing a game of Disc golf to best learn how the game is played. Also, involve yourself with the terminology and rules of play by using your newfound knowledge in real life. This will help you get a feel for how disc golf is played.