Want to learn how to throw frisbee or flying disc forehand? It is a very interesting sports where anyone can take part. It is very easy and fun! Here are a few tips as how throw a flying disc:
  • First, extend your hand as if to shake hands
  • Then, place your index and middle fingers on the inside edge of the disc and your thumb on the outside
  • Hold the disc parallel to the ground, right side up
  • Point your feet at an angle, say approximately 45 degrees away from your intended target
  • Bring your arm back
  • Bend your wrist so that it is perpendicular to your forearm
  • Drop your throwing shoulder a few inches below your other shoulder
  • Finally, begin the throw with your elbow leading the way
  • Make sure to flick your wrist with a quick snap so that your middle finger is the last point of contact with the disc
While throwing a flying disc, you should also be very careful. Here are a few things that you should watch for:
  • Grip the edge of the disc so the entire disc rests behind your hand
  • If the disc lands on its side and rolls soon after release, try dropping your throwing shoulder more
  • There is little rotation from the shoulder in this throw, which comes from the snap of the wrist
  • Make sure to maintain some distance between you and your partner, because the disc will leave your hand with a lot of spin and velocity