"The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson is one such book that perhaps everyone has in their personal development library! Well, those who do not have it, the basis of the book is that knowing that applying simple, positive actions repeated over time will compound into success!

When you will read and understand the Slight Edge principals, you will be able to know how successful people apply these in their success stories. There is not a single industry that does not apply the principals of the Slight Edge. NASCAR is one of those industries that understands and applies these principles. You might have heard about stock car racing and its famous racers like Dale Earnhardt Jr and Jeff Gordon!

All successful stock car drivers, pit crew members, and crew chiefs understand that every day they make small choices, which build on each other to create a winning season. It is really what they do! When you listen to the drivers talk, especially during a big race weekend, you hear them talk about these tiny, continuous adjustments.

Take the example of Jimmy Johnson,who became an overnight success after joining the Hendrick racing team, but remember, he spent almost 27 years in racing before his winning his third consecutive Sprint Cup title. What special about Johnson's championship team is that he and crew chief Chad Knaus never ever stop adjusting a car during a race, even when their position seems hopeless. In other words, their determination and attitude towards winning are the secret of their actions, which ultimately create their results.