Before you start skateboarding as a career or even as a recreational activity, it is very important to learn about different parts of a skateboard. This is as important as learning how to ride a skateboard! Moreover, when you know about each part, you will be able to take better care of your skateboard. As well as, you can be able to make better decisions while purchasing the parts.

A skateboard consists of a deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, hardware and grip tape. The deck is the part, where a person stands on., which is usually made of compressed wood and expensive ones are sometimes made of maple. Its average width is about 8 inches, and its length ranges between 30 and 35 inches. Decks come in different sizes and designs in order to cater different requirements of customers. What size you want is completely determined by your preference and the type of skating you do. A few famous top deck manufacturing companies include Element, Powell, Toy Machine, Birdhouse and Alien Workshop.

The truck can be seen at the bottom of the skateboard deck, which consists of bushings, kingpins, baseplates, hangers and axles. Trucks come in a number of different colors as well as you have a choice of titanium or aluminum. Some well-known skateboard trucks brands include Phantom Trucks, Thunder Trucks, and Tensor Trucks.

Skateboard wheels are made of plastic urethane. They can be hard or soft. You can choose the any type of wheels depending on the type of skating you do. Basically, softer wheels are favourable for vert skating, while hard wheels are best for street style skating. They can also come in different sizes, ranging from smaller to larger. Smaller wheels are best for extreme "tricking", and the larger wheels are good for starters who need more stability while riding. Many starters also consider wider wheels, which give more stability.

Grip tape is found on the top of the deck, which provides traction or grip. Grip tape comes in several different colors to match your deck. Moreover, skateboard hardware include the nuts and bolts that are used to secure the skateboard trucks to the deck. Like any other parts of your skateboard, you can choose any color of nuts and bolts you want to match the rest of the parts.