Clay shooting is loved by every shooter out there! The fact is that it is the one of the most liked activities as far as shooting sports are concerned. It is not only an adventure sport but also a very nice past time as well. Those who just love the thrill of firing a weapon at a target, but at the same time they don't want to kill an animal for their passion as well, this sport is perfect for them. And that is why it is said that clay pigeon shooting is tailored for meeting everyone's interest. Now there are plenty of clay pigeon shooting options that are available in front of a shooter. He can choose the one that suits his preference level and at the same time can enjoy to its fullest. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the main disciplines of the clay shooting so that you can choose them according to your preference level:

World Sporting
In this gaming activity, you will find out that generally three to four traps per stand is used. Here, shooting sequences from the traps is available just like the same way it is available in the case of any other compak sporting. On a 100 target shoot between 10 and 13 stands are made in use. What is the USP is this activity? The fact is that this kind of shooting activity offers a shooter a quite realistic approach of chasing their targets in comparatively low costs. He gets to shoot reversed sequence report pairs.

Another benefit of this activity is that the shooter is allowed to choose the best simultaneous pairs on a three trap layout so that he can get unlimited fun and entertainment in the best way possible.

English Sporting
English Sporting is one of the most popular forms of clay pigeon shooting and it is because of the fact that you can loads of entertainment from it. Here, a shooter can shoot two different targets at the same time. So that really adds to the fun in a major way. Talking about the choice of targets, these are generally quartering targets, crossers, driven, overhead, rabbits, and others. In this particular clay shooting, the targets can be launched as singles or pairs. If you are a shooter and by somehow you have tasted the immense amount of pleasure that we get from clay shotting, then I hope that you will perform this activity again and again with your loved ones.