You think that skipping is just a sport of children? Don't make quick decisions. Wait until until you read these 15 benefits of skipping:
  1. Skipping rope can be beneficial in your exercise if you really want to lose weight in the best way possible. It is so effective in burning calories that an hour of skipping rope will make you burn up to 1000 calories. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it!
  2. The exercise is easy to learn, so you don't have any need to hire a coach or a guide. And the most important thing that works in your favor is that once you start skipping, you learn very quickly and in no time you start skipping like a kid. So enjoy your childhood days once again.
  3. You don't have to spend a lot of money in gym and other such places and it’s inexpensive as you only need a rope.
  4. It turns out to be fun especially if you perform it with your loved ones.
  5. It enhances your coordination and allows you to have the most perfect rhythm with your hands and feet movements.
  6. Skipping a rope at a regular level helps you to strengthen your bones and enhances your stamina and endurance in the best way possible. Personally I love doing yoga just half an hour before skipping a rope. That provides me with double benefit!
  7. When you practice it with your friends, then you learn various skills of teamwork and social skills at the same time.
  8. It makes you more vigilant and alert. It is sue to the fact that your attention skills are enhanced in the most perfect manner.
  9. the sport can prove to be extremely healthy. It is recommended that you must do this skipping at a regular level.
  10. It can be exercised by people from people of all age groups as well as genders. But a slight advice is that if you are aged, or don't have much stamina in the beginning, then you must do it slowly!
  11. Skipping is responsible for enhancing flexibility and athletic abilities.
  12. You don't have to go inside a park to speed up your heart rate like that of a runner. You can perform skipping anywhere!
  13. But some people think that it is a very boring exercise after a particular duration of time. You can make it exciting by playing music and have a blast! (Just like you do in aerobics)
  14. Makes you attractive!