It is not at all wise to completely cut down on weight if you are a wrestler or are associated with any kind of sport. Because by doing so you are denying yourself the very nutrients they need to perform well. The fact is that a majority of wrestlers either don't care about proper nutrition or they simply don't have any kind of idea as to what they have to in order to take ample care of their health! Wrestlers often think of food and water only in terms of gaining weight.

But at the same time they forget that food plays a very important role in providing ample amount of nutrients to their bodies. Again the reality is that poor nutrition will hamper performance. That is why it becomes extremely important that they should have an apt knowledge about their food as well as the association of apt nutritional value of the food items that they are eating! Here are some of the vital tips to consider:

* All the wrestlers should mainly focus and concentrate on wrestling rather-than on cutting weight so that you can become a better wrestler in future.

* If you really want to gain a natural stamina and increase strength, then you require the same nutrients as other teenagers do, but as far as the calories are concerned, you must increase their intake to meet the demands of daily training.

* Never fast at all as this procedure causes the body to use muscle proteins for energy even if fat is available. That means that your muscle development will deplete with time and that will effect your strength.

* A proper diet will help wrestlers' lose fat weight so that he don't have to sacrifice for his muscle power at all.

* Dehydration is a major cause of worry in most of the wrestlers. Stay away from it.

* If you think that you are losing weight at a rapid level then make sure that you get over this problem as it will further result in a loss of both muscle tissue and water.

* Losing weight gradually (2-3 Ibs/week) is the perfect way to lose fat and keep muscle.