A boomerang, that is also famous with the name of a throwing stick, is a wooden item that is generally decked with a shape of an open flat V or a cross. It can be available in other forms as well but in in a majority of the cases, it only the open V and the X formats that are famous all over the world. If we will have a look at the previous era, it has been noticed that a non-returning boomerang was used mostly by

Australian aborigines as a means of hunting for their daily use. And sometimes they used to use it as a replacement for fighting sticks as well. But now the scenario is completely changed. The boomerangs are not just limited to Australia itself, rather it has become a very famous thing all over the planet. As I mentioned above, the name has come from the Australian Turuwal tribe, which used boomerangs as far back as 3,000 years ago.

As far as the returning boomerang is concerned, it has been believed that they were designed so one of its sides is flatter than the other. And what is purpose behind all this? This design is responsible for allowing the air to flow in a way that produces lift. When you throw it in a correct manner, a boomerang will make use of this particular lift in order to fly in a curve and return back to the starting point. But on the contrary if you will throw it in an incorrect way, then the boomerang will fly up and then fall to the ground when the wind lift stops. This is a wrong practice!

That is why it becomes immensely important to know as to how one can throw a boomerang as the task requires immense amount of practice. The fact is that a lot of people do it in a manner similar to a Frisbee, but that is not the right practice as it results in the boomerang flying up rather than spinning.

As far as the sue of material is concerned, let me tell you that the most common and famous of them all is the use of wood. But with the advancement in technology a lot of boomerangs are being constructed of plastic. The average weight for a boomerang is three ounces that is 85 g, but there are exceptions and some of them can even weigh more than 4 ounce as well.