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Glossary Of Boomerang
Steve Nash

By Steve Nash
Published on February 10, 2009
Glossary related to material:
ABS A type of plastic for making boomerangs. Most commonly a milky-white color.

Glossary related to material:
  • ABS A type of plastic for making boomerangs. Most commonly a milky-white color.
  • Aircraft grade It is the high-quality grade of plywood.
  • Aluminum It is used for creating a number of boomerangs
  • Baltic birch Baltic birch has layers approximately 1 mm thick and is considerably cheaper than Finnish birch.
  • Carbon fiber. A stiff composite material used for a variety of boomerangs and is pitch black in color.
  • Cyalume A chemical that absorbs light and slowly releases it.
  • fibreglass Fiberglass tape and resin is a common combination that is used to repair a broken boomerang.
  • Finnish birch A high-grade quality of plywood, typically with 2 plys per mm
  • G-10 A composite of phenolic and fibreglass
  • LED A Light-Emitting Diode.
  • lexan A polycarbonate plastic that is usually quite stiff.
  • marine plywood Plywood in which the glue is waterproof as compared to the actual wood.
  • paxolin (paper phenolic, pax) Material for making boomerangs, made of layers of paper bonded with phenolic resin.
  • PET The plastic used for drink bottles.
  • phenolic resin (bakelite) A stiff and dense plastic, that is normally combined with layers of paper (paxolin), or a linen such as cotton
  • ply A thin layer of wood in a plywood
  • plywood A wood and glue composite with ectremely thin layers of wood
  • polypropylene A soft plastic that comes in various colours.
  • strip laminate It is not a material but a construction method involving thin layers of wood. It is performed for the aesthetic reasons.
Here are some of the terms related with throwing:
  • death spiral :A common form of unstable descent for a boomerang.
  • elliptical (tear-drop) A flight pattern that is long and narrow, and not round in shape.
  • floater A boomerang throw that flies extremely high
  • full grip :full grip refer to the term that means holding the boomerang with a tip against the palm. But the condition is that at least one finger should act as a “trigger” on the trailing edge of the boomerang.
  • hackey humpback throw: It is one of the most commonly used throws that are used to counteract strong winds.
  • laying over (laying down): It is just a process of a boomerang, during flight.
  • Layover: It is an angle at which the plane of the boomerang is angled from vertical when throwing
  • Sidearm : An alternate term, common in the USA, and shares the same meaning as that of layover.
  • Tune: To twist or bend a boomerang in order to get adesired shape.
  • There are thousands of other terms as well!