I am going to tell you some of the errors as well as how to overcome them:

The most common of them all is throwing sidearm/across the body: This is the mistake everyone (especially if you are a beginner) makes. And it is not just about the beginners, even if you are an experienced person, you can make these kind of mistakes. But the fact is that most of you will not even realize these kind of things at all.

The fact is that a lot of distance boomerangs require very flat throws, nearly everything else can be thrown with too much layover. In this sport, a boomerang tends to each and everything to compete in the environment. Be it climbing steeply, stopping, then come crashing down. And let me tell you that it is one of the easiest way to break a boomerang, and here I am talking about a boomerang thrower as well.

And it has been noticed that the throwers tend to merge the sidearm throw with the cross-body movement of the throwing arm, so that the throwing hand ends up in front of, (and in some cases outside as well), the opposite shoulder. This is a very common mistake as it is responsible for making throwing even more difficult. Also this makes judging the angle you are throwing with respect to the wind a hell lot difficult task for you! If you do these kinds of things in your regular gaming practice, then I am sure that you all will agree with me.

But you must be wondering as to why does this poor throwing style happen? Well I would like to tell you that it is due to the fact that may be you have a lack of faith. Just like some of the inexperienced players who throw too high — they are trying to guide the boomerang to its destination. But the reality is that if you will throw at the right angles and with appropriate amounts of strength and spin, then you cam do wonders. Here are some of the tips from my side:
  • My first is that you must never throw while still. Just as similar to throwing a ball, your opposing foot should be stepping forward as you throw. This is a very important step and helps a lot.
  • Try to stop your throwing hand in front of you. So that you can make more consistent the elevation you throw at.
  • Also you must always try to finish with your hand around eye level.