I really love WWE a lot! It gives me immense amount of pleasure when I watch it with my family and friends. Do you also love WWE in the same way as I do? But are you guys aware of the fact as to when did it all began? Well let me tell you that it all started way back in the year 1925!

It was the first time when Roderick McMahon first began promoting boxing matches in the city of New York. McMahon was still in the sport of boxing when he met this guy called Joseph Mondt, a former professional wrestler who was working to take the sport to the next level. Then the duo planned the joint effort of these two guys that helped in promoting the game to a huge level. Both of them added more exciting moves, found wrestlers willing to perform them, and starting making wrestling a more visible sport.

Both of them then formed the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, or CWC, the organization that later transformed into the WWE. It was in the year 1953, when they joined the National Wrestling Alliance, and started providing a lot more legitimacy to the business. It was in the same year when Vincent J. McMahon, who was Roderick's son, took over the post from his father. He was the one who began this tradition of a McMahon being at the helm of the company.

It was the brilliant mind of Vincent that saw the era when CWC started controlling almost 70% of all NWA bookings, quite a significant number. And just after three years, people started the matches of CWS on their television sets as well.

In the year 1963, Buddy Rogers, who was a wrestler with CWS won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. That was quiet a big milestone in the history of wrestling. But the reality is that Mondt was never in favor and never wanted Rogers to defend his title outside of the Northeastern region, the region the CWC controlled. Both he and Vincent wanted Rogers to hold his title; but on the other hand, as a title-holder, the champion was obligated to either defend his title or pay $25,000. he made the ultimate choice of defending the title but he lost he later! Every one got so upset and that is why Mondt and McMahon decided to leave the NWA. The created the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) as a result.

Vincent McMahon became the sole head of the WWWF. It all happened somewhat in the era of 60s when Mondt got retired. In the year 1979, the WWWF was revamped into the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Vincent J. McMahon became the sole owner of this federation! Immediately after one year or so, his son, Vincent K. McMahon, created Titan Sports, and managed to buy Capitol Sports and its assets, including the WWF, in the year1982. He had other plans of expanding WWF, contrary to his father. It was McMahon who hired celebrity Hulk Hogan and other famous wrestlers!