Snowboarding is an interesting sport, really! I love it! Since it offers pure enjoyment to its riders. For starter, it can be somewhat frustrated, but once they are able to learn the basic and techniques of snowboarding, they will find it an enjoyable sport as I do! Though, snowboarding seems similar to skiing, there are some differences between the two.

Snowboarding is believed to have originated in the 1920s. It evolved when a man cut a piece of plywood and slid down a hill on it, using horse reins to control the board. The major development came to the sports in the 1960s with “snurfing”. Snurfing was invented by a man in Michigan who screwed two skis together for his daughter as a Christmas present. In the 1960s and 70s, snowboarding began as an industry and the sport took off. Its ideas were basically borrowed from skateboarding.

During the 1970s, snowboarding received huge changes. And from the 1980s through to modern day, it evolved as a multi billion dollar technology industry. What's more? Ski resorts all over the world have adapted to this sport.

Here are a few snowboarding tips:
  • Take a lesson. Even if you're not a starter, it will help you learn the techniques, enabling you to enjoy the sport more and perform efficiently.
  • Figure out if you are goofy foot or regular. This involves which foot is the downhill foot when riding. If your right foot is in front, you are goofy footed; if you find the left in the front, then you are regular footed.
  • Learn how to fall. This will very important in the first few days of boarding.
  • Feel your edges. Learn how to fluidly ride toe and heel-side edges. Then connect these two edges to create a fluid S shape.
  • Indulge in practice. Remember, only practicing makes personal perfect styles.
Snowboarding is a sport that any individual of any age can enjoy anywhere!