Tell me, do you often tend to feel a lot more nervous especially when it is linked with playing a game or sport in front of huge audience. Yes, I can connect with your phobia as it is often known as phobia. But even if you don't have a phobia with your audience, you may sometime feel nervous without any particular reason. Here in this article I would like to discuss the nervousness that is linked with the game of Badminton! It has been often witnessed that before a badminton player begins a match (and especially if he is a beginner), then he looks somewhat nervous. First of all, you must make sure that you must feel steady and calm from inside. Because if you yourself are not confident, then you can spoil your match to a bigger extent. Nervousness begins to take over all emotions and players begin to tell themselves that they are going to lose a match which is not even started yet! Here are some of the tips to overcome this madness called nervousness:
  1. The first thing is that one must never ever give up and should never feel that you are going to lose when the game has not even started. I mean how can you think that you are going to lose the game without even playing the first shot? Develop a feeling in yourself that YOU ARE THE BEST!
  2. Be confident in yourself, but never over do it! Do not let the opponent's great persona and reputation develop fear in you. Keep this thing in mind that he himself is equally nervous as you are. If he/she is more popular in the badminton circle, then this should act a source of inspiration for you that you have to win against him!
  3. Prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. Never play a match empty stomach. And also never play a match with overly full stomach. Just eat the right amount, some fruits and juice, tha'ts it, and play in the court by putting your best foot forward! Just a night before, think about your strengths in order to boost your own confidence.
  4. Always concentrate on the game and not what your opponent party or other critics have to say. Do not let others influence you.
  5. Be determined of what you want to achieve the moment you step into the court. Here in this line I want to say that you must know your goals in the best possible way.
  6. Calm down yourself before the start of the game!