Badminton is a game that is full of fun. But do you know that, if you perform some drills then the process can surely help you in enhancing the badminton skills for you in the best way possible. And above all, these drills play a very important role in enhancing agility, coordination, and speed that are a must for a player! And let me tell you that as a coach of badminton, I don't have any kind of doubt in my mind that by adding a few selected badminton drills you can enhance your performance by a huge margin. Badminton drills and practice makes perfect. Incorporating badminton drills into your practice routines is a perfect way to know about your weaknesses and strengthen so that you can transform yourself into a better player! The first step that you should take is to decide which badminton drills you need. The fact is that not all the drills are meant for everyone! We all know that badminton drills are designed to help you improve your skills. Therefore before deciding the best drill for yourself, you must answer some questions to think about as you consider adding badminton drills to your practice routine.
  • What is your biggest weakness? Choose a drill according to that!
  • Do you find yourself constantly making the same error every single time? Consult your coach or a senior professional person on this matter. Find out the drills related with error of yours in details.
  • Then make a list of all those strokes or moves that you admire in other players?
Fancy footwork, mastering the badminton net, as well as going for the right kind of stroke every single time are some of the most common things that players want to improve. Here are two favorite drills of mine to help you adopt a better strategy for yourself:

Fancy footwork: This drill is commonly used to improve footwork. What you have to do is place badminton shuttlecocks in each corner of the court. Then each and every player has to move as quickly as possible from corner to corner, placing shuttlecocks upright. You can not only enhance your speed but also your balance as well.

My second favorite drill is known as “Mastering the net.” In this drill the players should position themselves close enough to the net. Then the coach or some other player who is not participating in the drill then throws shuttlecocks directly over the badminton net, so that the first player to work on their net shot.