It does not matter whether you are playing at a professional level or may be for fun, the sport of badminton always demands a reasonable level of fitness that includes aerobic stamina and speed as well as good hand-eye coordination and polished racket skills. Don't you think so? Imagine playing this extreme level of sport without having enough health to play? Just try playing it without having a stamina in the body and you will realize as to what I am talking about!

The fact is that perfection of different shots, footwork skill and improved reaction time are key attributes to work on. And above all it becomes very important that you should concentrate on the biomechanical principles as well in order to improve your game in the best way possible. Some of these biomechanical principles are center of gravity, line of gravity etc.

All these terms are greatly affected by your height, weight and such factors, so make sure that you have a fine knowledge of all these factors before playing badminton!

How to improve your game? One of my personal favorite techniques to improve an overall badminton game is to engage in half-court singles, by making use of just half of the space of a standard singles court. And above all, if you a good sense of concentration as well as anticipation, then you can help yourself enhancing your defensive awareness as well.

At the same time you must learn how to place the feet and body into the correct position so that you can get the best possible follow-through. Playing badminton by properly following basic biomechanical principles (that deal with center of gravity, line of gravity, balance etc.) helps in the following ways.
  • Minimize reaction time, so that you can get extra time in responding to opponent's shots.
  • Give a lot of assistance in playing attacking badminton.
  • Helps in avoiding injuries.