I want to give some tips to all the beginner runners out there:
  • My first tip is that you must always set yourself a target. It is due to the fact that a target is very important to your progress, otherwise you won't be able to set your goals and above all, you will give up too easily. And the main thing is that you will gain ample amount of strength so that you can use your target as motivation for your run. And after completion of a target, you can set a new one!
  • My second tip is that you must go for cheap products and always invest in the correct equipment. At the same time it becomes immensely important that you must have a perfect ankle support with the help of a correct running shoes otherwise without them you could end up injuring yourself. Also it becomes extremely important that you choose the correct apparel that will keep you comfortable and focused during your run.
  • My next tip is that you can always invite a friend of yours so that he or she can bring out your competitive streak in you. You both can have a run together and you'd be surprised at how much difference this can make. One more thing, you must never be scared of inviting your friend
  • Don't be scared to invite a friend that is a experienced runner than yourself, because he will only provide you with some of the best tips in the world. I can really assure you that he will help you find a good pace. But don't force anyone to run with you.
  • My next tip is that you must never rush to achieve success in quick time. It is recommended that you must always start slow. When you will start, then you will probably need to ease your body into the routine, and never bring this thinking in your mind that you are a professional, so you don't need all these things at all. So no matter how experienced you are this step is always important.
  • So here is how you can do so... Just start at a slow steady pace and hold it for at least 5 minutes. Then when you slowly start gaining the comfort level, they you can speed up.
  • Give injuries time. Let them vanish and then start your run.