Injuries are an integral part of a game! Here in this article, we shall discuss what course of action you should take when a player from your side or from an opposing team gets injured. Of course he is an opponent but after all he is a human being. Here are a few tips that we should keep in mind if any such situation stands in front of us:
  • When it comes to a life or if you think that the situation is getting worse then you should act as if a family member is the one in trouble. Do not think that the person is just a team mate so you will ignore him. Please don't do that! Immediately call 911! But the fact is that you do not know this person (especially if he is your opponent) as well as someone who may be on their team, then the wise option would be to let their teammates comfort them and hand the phone to them so that they can talk to 911.
  • The next tip by which you can help an injured opponent is to calm down anyone on your team or the opposing team, so that don't act in a crazy manner and further harm the injured player. Just pull them aside and calm them down. Make sure that they don't create a feeling of stress within the team.
  • Generally these injuries do not need an ambulance. But this is not the case always. So in extremely adverse conditions, you should take responsibly along with your trusted teammates and opponents and see what you can do to provide the first basic first aid to him. Check your car, may be you can find something, maybe you have cardboard and duct tape to immobilize the broken bone.
  • With minor injuries, you really should try and stay out of the way, otherwise the opponent team may feel a little suspicious! Let them handle all these things alone. It is just a minor injury. You can just notify the ref or ump and let them know.
  • Give the opponent person some time to recover.