Are you worried that your teenagers are obese? Even if they are not, do you think that they are facing certain health related problems? If yes then introduce them to the world of sports. It is a well known fact that sports and exercise play a very important role in enhancing the fitness level of children in a major level. Infact a lot people do this to look more attractive as well as popular in their friend's circle! So if your teens don't get involved in physical exercises or sports activities, then it is your duty to introduce them to this (I would say) art (of living). Here are some of the benefits that are linked with the playing sports:
  1. Playing sports is fun. It not only provides your kids with a wonderful pass time but also gives him a group where he can actuallu belong to and share his thoughts. They have a group of friends that has the same goals and interests. In this way he can learn the art of companionship as well.
  2. The second advantage is that you get save yourself from getting obese. According to a lot of research, it has been seen that teens that play sports, especially girls, are more likely to have a positive body image as well as a much better self-esteem. They also are less likely to be overweight. So don't you think that it is an added advantage.
  3. Teens involved in sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke. May be because they think that these kind of things mat have wrong effect on their sports!
  4. Physical activities are a good way to relieve stress and and eliminate depression in a major way.
  5. Sports help teens develop a kind of self discipline in themselves. It may be due to the fact that a lot of games are geared up with rules and regulations. At the same time, teens learn to set goals and then work to achieve those goals.
  6. Teens who play sports quickly know how it feels to lose as well as to win. They learn to be a good sport in both situations. It helps them to deal with various situations of a life with an ease.
  7. It has been revealed by a lot of Statistics that teens who are involved in sports are more likely to achieve a lot of success in academic field as well, especially when they are in high school.
  8. Sports help develop teamwork and sportsmen spirit.
  9. Teens are able to develop strategic thinking as well.
  10. Regular exercise increases quality as well as standard of life.