Some very common phrases that are linked with Skateboarding are:

Decks: Skateboarders use the word decks that holds the same meaning as that of skateboard itself. So next time when you hear this word deck, know that the players are talking about skateboard itself.

Trucks: When a boarder mentions the word truck, then tell me as to what is that very first thing that comes to your mind? Okay I will tell you about them. They are the part of the skateboard which connect the wheels to the actual board itself. .

Grip Tape: Have you ever noticed your skateboard very closely? No? Then do this once. The fact is that the top of the deck is actually arrayed with a sandpaper like surface that is affixed to this surface. That is known as grip tape. But what is the purpose of this tape? It is affixed there to prevent boarders from slipping all over the place while standing and moving on the skateboard.

Air: Whenever we mention this term called air in the context of skateboard, then a lot of people especially the beginners might think that air involves performing a high-octane jump. But the fact is that in reality, Air really means to ride along on your skateboard normally – doing what ever you want to do with it!

Baseplate: If the main purpose of the trucks of a skateboard is to ensure a perfect balance and at the same time keeping all the wheels in place, then the motto baseplate is one step further as it is the piece that ensures that the trucks are fastened to the deck itself.

Here are some famous quotes by some famous players to inspire all of you:

Quotes By Travis Barker

“All I wanted to do was ride skateboards - I wanted to be a professional skateboarder. But I had this problem. I kept breaking half of my body skateboarding.”

“And I was in another band called Flash In The Pan, which was soca, Latin music, down in Laguna Beach.”

“And I was in another band called Flash In The Pan, which was soca, Latin music, down in Laguna Beach.”

Quotes By Merrill Markoe

“Beware the old man in young guy's clothes. If he's over 35 and comes to pick you up looking as though he's headed for a skateboarding competition while you are dressed to go to a nice restaurant, this is not a good sign.”

“Every moment of your life that is not a complete nightmare is happiness.”