The type of skateboard plays a very important role in the way as to how you perform in your games. And it can make a hell lot of difference as well. That is why you should have ample amount of knowledge as to how you can identify the types of skateboards so that you can know as to what works best for you and helps you become a professional, perfect and knowledgeable skateboarder in your career. Here are a few steps as to how you can identify the type of skateboard for yourself:


First of all it is recommended that you should very seldom purchase the skateboards online because by doing so, you are not able to check the skateboard before purchasing it. So you can visit a local extreme sports store that carries skateboarding equipment. By putting your hands on the equipment and seeing it face to face may give you a better insight of the product rather than buying them online.


The next step is to keep this thing in mind that there are mainly two types of skateboards: short skateboards, also called traditional skateboards, and long skateboards. Now what are their usage? The short ones are used for tricks and jumps while on the other hand, you can make use of the long skateboards for cruising because they offer immense amount of stability!


The next step is that you should manually observe the differences in long skateboards and short skateboards. The ling ones are arrayed with downhill boards, slalom boards and regular cruising boards and on the other hand, the short boards include snakeboards and streetboards!


Now you have to wisely notice the shape of the board itself. That means that how concave a particular boat is! But you must be thinking that how can you do so! You just have to check out how far the ends of the board curve upward. It all depends as to hoe deep the concavity is! Depending on this factor, you can perform various tricks according to your need. If you are a beginner, then shallow concave boards are perfect for you!


Last but not the least, you must have a thorough understanding of the material of the skateboard. Wood skateboards are the best amongst all.