There are three main problems in NASCAR today:
  1. Sponsorship has taken over the sport. I mean that probably the sponsors are not happy.
  2. The sport is too expensive
  3. The sport isn't as exciting or is now that much exciting as it used to be once.
Here are some of the official statements from NASCAR chairman Brian France to prove the fact that NASCAR is really in a lot of trouble!

"NASCAR as an industry is not immune," NASCAR chairman Brian France said. "We have to work very hard to be good partners and work through these challenging times."

"We want to understand carefully what they are going through and how it relates back to the [NASCAR] team owners," France said. "We didn't talk about a bankruptcy option. We talked about their issues and how they might get through it. They're all in the same boat, trying to revamp their businesses to get to a better place."

The fact is that NASCAR is facing a hell lot of problem in terms of sponsarship as well as money factor!

"The manufacturers play a very important role in lots of ways," France said. "They have been a profound part of our history. But we are not going to live or die if one manufacturer has to pull back or pull out. Obviously, we don't want that happen.

"I've been told this directly from each company. One of the things that work best for them is NASCAR. While they may pull back and make cuts, the last thing they want to do is abandon something that works so well."

"Of course we're concerned," he said. "But look. What can we do? They are individual businesses, OK. We have literally hundreds of them in all our series. We're not talking about 20 to 25 traditional teams where some halo line could be established.

"The idea that we can wave a safety net for everybody in our industry & I wish we could, but it's just not practical."