Here are some of the paintball gears for you:
  • Hoppers – Here we are not talking about the real guns, but still, if you are confirmed with this term called magazine (that are used in the case of real guns) then in the case of paintball, they are called the hoppers. The majority of hoppers feed the paintballs in through the top of the marker (that means the gun itself). But on the contrary there are some who feed the markers through the side.
  • Propellants – Let us talk something about the propellants. The fat is that there are two types of propellants used in most kinds of paintball guns - CO2 and High Pressure Air. The later one that is the N2 that is the superior propellant to use. That it is recommended that one should always use N2 propellant because C02 has a tendency to form crystals in the tank, which makes the gun freeze on the inside.
  • Masks – this is one is my personal favorite as they are immensely important for the facial protection. One of the most important things that a player must have when playing paintball is a good mask. The best masks usually include a thermal lens. But if you don't have that much then you can get one without a thermal lens as well. But the former one can be effective for most paintball players for thousands of reasons.
  • It is not a necessity that you should always go for expensive clothings or gears only. Although there are expensive pieces of clothing that are available in the market but this is not exactly necessary most of the time.
  • In above all if you are a casual player then you do not need to do so much. In fact, all that the person playing needs to have is a few layers of clothing when playing. But they have to make sure that they are the proper gears for paintball only. By dressing in layers, a player can minimize the amount of bruises. But do not go for extremely cheap clothings as well.
  • Ammo – You can buy paintballs in bulk as well. It is a wise option to do that as a person who plays paintball a lot is going to need thousands of paintballs anyway. I hope that you all will agree from this fact of mine.