To play table tennis there are few things that you will require they are the racket, the ball, and the table. Most experts suggest that you can play a good game of table tennis only if you've the right type of table. One of the common problems that most beginners do is that they buy the table even before they learn the game to avoid this problem the only way out is by keeping the following points in mind.

Frequency of use

It is important to know whether you'll be using table tennis for recreational purposes, or will it be used for competitive purposes. In addition, you should also be aware on the frequency of the use. For example, are you going to play for several hours a day? or only on the weekends. Many tables available on the market for table tennis today can easily be folded for storage. But, there are some model, which may require complex configuration. If you're not going to use the table frequently then you should get the foldable model.

Level of playing

Players can be classified as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There are models which are meant exclusively for beginner. These tables are mainly for entertainment rather than performance. The models meant for intermediate players is more sustainable. However, a model meant for advanced players should meet international standards.


One of the good functions of a table tennis is considered to be looking leg levelers. At times, the surface, where the table has to be placed is uneven. In such situation, leg levelers ensures that the table is standing in a vertical position. A table with strong and solid leg are ideal.


This step is believed to be one of the important factors while choosing a table tennis table. Generally, the cost of the table is dependent on the table characteristics. Therefore, it's important that you set aside your budget before buying the table.