To learn any sport, you need to spend some time and plenty of practice. However, one of the best ways to learn a sport is by understanding the basics of the sport, first. Basketball is considered to be a difficult game, which involve too many difficult things to remember. But, I have tried to include the four basic ideas that you should familiarize yourself to understand the game better.

It is easy to learn additional skills and moves of the game once you've understood it. As, you understand the game better, which allows you to pick up the game quickly.

1: Time

Basketball games is basically played in either halves or quarters, depending on the league. For instance, NBA is played in 12 minute quarters, college basketball matches are usually played within 30 minute halves and high school games are played in 8 minute quarters. However, the break time for most of the leagues are set at 15 minutes. When the ball is not in play the clock is stopped. Besides, an additional 5 minutes are allowed as overtime periods, if needed. The time rules applied in most of the leagues are usually same.

2: Team

Generally, a basketball team comprises of 12 players on the roster. Out of which, 5 players will be on the court during play. This allows the coach to change players as needed, but only when the clock is stopped. As per the game regulation, atleast five players per team must be kept.

The uniform of basketball players normally includes shorts and a jersey. But, it is important that the uniform is of loose fitting to allow good movement. Both, in front and back of the jersey have a number of the player written. In some leagues, even the last name of players on the jersey are allowed. The color or colors used for the uniform is made on the basis of the team. Players are supposed to wear a pair of sneakers that offer good ankle support.

3: Equipment

A hoop and a ball is all that is required in the game of basketball. The height of the hoop are usually at a height of 10 feet from the court and 4 feet from the baseline. Scoreboard also form an important part of most league games. If the game is to be played indoors then the court is made of wood. For outdoors, the court is made from asphalt. Even the ball used in basketball should be 28.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 20 ounces for women. But, if the ball is meant for men's basketball it should be of 29.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 22 ounces.

4: Rules

Just like any other sport the main goal of a basketball game is to score points by making baskets. These are some of the basic rules of the sport:
  • In order to play the ball must stay within the court.
  • When the players are dribbling both the feet have to be moving.
  • While dribbling the hand of the player cannot go under the ball.
  • Only if you keep your feet planted, can you stand still with the ball.
  • Once the ball has gone past half the court, it cannot go back down the court.
  • Players cannot use both their hands to dribble.
  • Players cannot catch the ball when dribbling.
Though, the game of basketball has many other rules but these are some of the basic rules. Some of the rules followed in the game are related to conduct and violations. These points will help you get a better understanding of the game.