One of the interesting sports derived from basketball is the Netball. The sport was first introduced in 1895, United States by Clara Gregory Baer, who gave the sport the reputation of being a women’s sport. Today, the sport is played all over the world particularly in United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. In the past few years, Netball has gotten so much attention that slowly even men have also showed some interest in playing this sport.

Although, the sport was discouraged by the American society initially but now has become the number one women’s sport. The sport has turned out to be a known, promising reputation, which most sports enthusiast look forward to play or watch. In the game you get to learn getting compatible with team-work, co-ordination and quickness. Netball is all about jumping, running, throwing, defending, scoring goals, stopping goals and attacking.

The sport mainly comprises of seven players on each time. The primary aim of the game is to get the ball in to the hoop of the opposing team. The match lasts for about sixty-minute. The length of the court is 100 ft long by 50 ft wide, approximately the size of a tennis court. Each team member has a specific position that is restricted to an area on the court. On these restricted areas, specific attacking and defending player are made to stand, each from an opposing team. After acquiring the ball during a game, the player is allowed to take only two more steps with the ball, which allows them to throw the ball within three seconds. However, the rules for the game have been changed over the years, and presently allow only one step for the player who has the ball in his/her hands.

The game is all about providing women a sport, exercise and stay health. Netball also develop players to develop confidence and skills to play the game. At present, the game is now being included in Commonwealth Games, one of the biggest sporting events.