It is important to understand that both the games are different from each other. While, rugby is popularly known for its adrenaline pumping, heart-stopping, knee scraping roughness and netball for jumping fun. The former is mainly a a domain of the males, while the later isn’t any less popular among girls. So, imagine the excitement and fun when both these games are held together in an event. Yes! You hear it right, the Bournemouth Rugby festival and the Bournemouth Netball tournament together.

The event was one of the latest hotspot topic on the Rugby circuit. The place is known for its nice coastal weather, good beaches and pleasant but sporty people. But, if you're not that fascinated about rugby, don't be sad. The Bournemouth Netball tournament is a great place to hang out.

The events brought together top teams of the region together. Simply watching them compete with each other was definitely a fun-filled weekend. The event started on Friday, and ended by Sunday. It is one of the events for sports lovers. So, the next time you want to get all charged up make plans to for the Bournemouth Rugby festival, and enjoy the Bournemouth Netball tournament as a bonus.

To increase the excitement levels and reduce the duration of the match, the Bournemouth Rugby festival was held in the Rugby sevens format. With the result coming up in just 7-10 minutes, plus only a short break between matches, there’s never a dull moment. On the other hand, the Bournemouth Netball Tournament is not any less exciting. The best Netball players from the region, definitely created some superb Netball action.

Besides all these sporty events, it also organized a music festival alongside. Great musicians and bands performed for the crowds. Therefore, another reason to make the event more exciting and popular was the music festival.

If you're planning to visit the Bournemouth festival, make sure to experience the unique Bournemouth hospitality and the great beaches. Bask in warm sunlight or go for a swim in the clear waters while you relax in the evening after a sport filled day. The event surely offers a complete holiday package.