The aim of riding instructors are not just to teach their students how to ride. But, they are also responsible for the lives of their learners. They have a profound influence on the students they teach. With time, some students develop good relationships with their riding instructors. So, it becomes their sole responsibilities to guide them on the right track. The statement means that they have to keep them safe, of course, doing your job with as much enthusiasm as you can muster.

Here are some of the basic rules that riding instructors need to keep in mind:

1- Safety

One of the basic rules that every riding instructor must follow is to take safety into account, from helping students tack up to deciding particular horse for a student. To avoid any accidents, it is important that the instructors develop certain safety protocols for themselves. Make sure to equip yourself with enough information and guidance to handle any potentially dangerous situation.

In addition, every riding instructor should be First Aid and CPR certified. Although, you might not foresee a dangerous situation but, you'll be able to handle an accident or injury case quite well.

2- Set Rules

It is important that as a riding instructor you set certain barn rules for your business where clients work directly with the animals. These rules should ensure that the students and their families are kept safe, but also protects your horses. One of the common faults made by most riding instructors is that they assume that people know how to behave with horses. However, in reality it is otherwise.

Make sure to place your barn rules in a visible place, such as on the gate to the riding arena, on the tack room door or at the entrance to the barn. Students should be taught to go over these rules before they start taking riding lessons.

3- Mentor

To be a role model for your students it is essential, to be thorough on riding and other related information. You can achieve this by browsing internet and going through different articles on horse riding. A mentor proves to be an invaluable asset for the business. His experience, teach techniques and ability to solve mistakes, will definitely help your business ahead of the competition.

4- Discipline

Most instructors complain of disobedient students it is considered to be one of the common problems. When you're supposed to work with children of different age groups, you are bound to find a few who cannot follow rules laid down, who create disturbances and make your life miserable.

For such students the only option is to teach them discipline, decide in advance how you will handle bad behavior. For example, give a few warning in the beginning, but if you find no change give punishment. Such students also pose a danger for themselves but also for others. Therefore, it's important to teach them discipline.

These are some of the basic rules that every riding instructors must be aware of.