Are you about to participate in a competitive show jump event or want to pursue combined training events? Then, you need to train your horse to jump solids.

Jump solids are basically jumping over rails with flower boxes, brick walls, roll tops, gates or other solid objects placed underneath. It is one of the most fearful things for horses. They have a tendency to run away from perceived threats. So, they are more likely going to refuse to jump solids or run-out on a jump. Therefore, it's important to train them properly to get rid of this fear.

Some horses are so terrified of these jumps that they simply refuse to jump solids because they cannot see the other side. These rails prove to be an obstruction and the horse has no idea what might be lying on the other side.

One of the major motivators behind your horse's fear are considered to be the color. So, it is important to make your horse aware of the fact that there aren't any threats on the other side of the fence. The safest way to train your horse is to demonstrate the ground. As always, make sure to tack your horse up and walk him out to the arena. Take few minutes at every solid jump and walk your horse around in circles. Let your horse see the solid jumps without the added pressure on his.

Here are some of the additional tips to train your horse for solid jumps:
  1. Spread it out - Don't get frustrated or angry at your horse if it takes several days or weeks to learn solid jump. There might be chances were you'll have to start all over again, so be extremely patient.
  2. Follow another horse – Display solid jumps with another horse and accomplish the feat with no negative consequences. This will bring confidence in your horse, to try it next time.
  3. Don't permit refusals – Refusals to do solid jumps are allowed but continuous refusals aren't. It's better to start over than not doing them at all.
  4. Get help - If you are a novice rider for these events, it will be better to get professional help for a while. Since, wrong teachings results in permanent damage for your horse. So, be honest with your abilities and get help.