The game of Bocce ball is considered to be one of the oldest games played with a set of balls. Although, the game have certain resemblance to modern day bowling but it involves no pins. The game mainly comprises of set of small balls called pallina and big ones called baccia. To play the game, you need to have certain skill, strategy and some luck. You can play this game for hours in an interesting manner by groups of people.

There are basically two or three pallina and eight baccia balls. You need a set of 2 baccia balls of four colors each. The game can be played between two teams including one, two or four players each. The balls should be shared equally among the players of a team. It is normally played on a grass court or dirt court.

The captain of the team then decide on which team will start. The member of the chosen team is made to stand behind the foul line and asked to throw the ball, which is called a pallina (smaller than the other bocce balls), toward the opposite end of the court. The same player is then asked to throw a larger bocce balls, or "boccia." The aim of the game is to get the boccia as close to the pallina as possible without touching it. Players are allowed to roll or lob the bocce but cannot shoot the ball in the air beyond the center line of the court. The teams are free to experiment with different styles, which is more comfortable and advantageous for them.

Now, the players from the opposing team are allowed to throw their bocce ball, attempting to get one closer to the pallina than the first player's ball. Now, players from other teams may use their boccia to knock the balls away from the pallina, or to knock the pallina closer to their team's balls. If they fail to do then pallina of the starting team gets a chance to improve their first attempt. By chance, the second team is able to get their ball closer to the pallina than the starting team without using all of their bocce balls then take their second turn.

Until, all 8 bocce balls have been thrown continue alternating team. One point is awarded to the team who is able to get the ball closest to the pallina. Although, no point are given in case of a tie. If no points were awarded to either, the team last begins the next frame. Continue playing the game until one team has scored the number of points determined before the game. Usually, 12 points are set as points for traditional bocce ball rules, though this point can be adjusted if you like.

The rules of the game are very easy to understand and follow. Today, you can also play them online. It is an interesting game, which brings together friends and family.