Are you an adventurous person, who loves going down steep inclines at a screaming rate speed? Or simply loves water slide parks? Then, why don't you consider a career as a professional bobsledder. The best part about this career will be to do all this activities day-in and day-out. Here are some of the basic Steps that can help you become a professional bobsledder.

Step#1: First of all, you need to build strength and tolerance by competing in sports like soccer, track and field, and weightlifting. Bobsledders are considered as powerful athletes with strong legs. Therefore, to become a pro bobsledder it's important to train your legs with squat thrusts and hamstring curls. This step will ensure that your legs are powerful and strong required in the profession of bobsledder.

Step#2: Try and talk with expert pushers and drivers to get a fair idea about the job. You should also visit the American Olympic Bobsled Team website, to know more about bobsledder.

Step#3: Make sure to know about all the specifications required by a bobsledder, by talking to experts and experienced bobsledders.

Bobsledders also need to posses good vertical jump, which they can achieve through plyometrics. It is a type of training, which uses the body's weight, to train for jumping.

Step#4: You should also visit the USBSF-run recruiting camps such as Lake Placid, NY at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. You can know more about these camps at their website.

Step#5: At the camp, ensure to learn about the start and descent techniques. Once you've successfully pass the evaluation tests, you will be recruited for the team.

Step#6: Find a bobsled team to join. You'll find many amateur bobsledding teams around different areas, like the Rocky Mountains. Try to find out whether you really like the sport or not. If you think you can become an excellent bobsledder then try getting recruited by a professional bobsledder organization.