The term Tobogganing, also commonly known as bobsledding refers to the racing machines that speed at breakneck speed down a high-banked icy bobsled run. Every member of the team pushing with all their might to get it started. The event was started long back even before the invention of computers, cell phones, space shuttles and battery watches. As, there was not much entertainment options left with the people. Eventually, people came up with a brilliant idea of tobogganing. During winter, flowing from the hill would freeze and the entire hill would be one gigantic hill of ice. Most kids would spend hours skating down the hill, now known as The Stumps.

Some of the things that were required for tobogganing are a good long and wide plank, two bobsleds. These were solidly built sleds, about 4 inches high, three feet long with solid sides. To encase the sides steel runners were used.

Once you've collected all these items, you need to drill a hole in the front of the plank and a matching one in the front sled. For steering a piece of wood would be fastened to the front of the sled. Then, a rope needs to be tied for steering with the hands. Finally, the back sled was fastened to the plank. Eureka, you're ready bobsledding at The Stumps.

One of the best ways to enjoy tobogganing is by finding a good way between the stumps without wrecking the bobsled or killing anyone on a stump. It is a dangerous sports and require adult supervision. There have been cases were riders were seriously hurt.

However, the right way to enjoy tobogganing is to find the right line through the stumps and hills to make it all the way to the bottom. The basic idea behind this sport was to see who could make it down the farthest.

Over the years, the game has undergone lot of changes and modification. The only kind of a sled used today, is the bobsled with fancy racing colors. Tobogganing was surely lot of fun.