You might be anxious to know exactly what goes in the mind of a runner, just before the starting line of a road race. This article also throw some light on the runner's thoughts during the actual race then onto the finish line. Finally, his thoughts processes after the race gets over. Though, most reporters only focuses on the race, and the winner and about the highlights of the game. But, hardly anyone looks into the mind of the runners.

So, this article has been written to see what exactly does the thinking mind of the runner and his perception from the inside think about. You'll find runner doing stretching exercises right before the event or talking to other participants or some over by the trees.

Let's try to picture the whole course. Running is all about grace and smooth. Just like a deer would run straight as an arrow. Meanwhile, there are many other runners busy doing their own little things right before the race. But, our focus is on the twenty minutes of the route of the course. On the final day, is when all their months training and practice will pay off.

Before, the race runners are fully qualified and trained of making the course, not only the speed but distance as well. Right before, the event runners are sure to go the distance because this is a mere touch of the distance of your weekly long runs. During the race, most runners are faced with one problem that is to increase their speed limit. They hear these voices telling them not to hold the pace up and increase the speed. So, you must keep fighting the sub-conscious with the conscious. Then, the mind of the runner tell them to stop as their legs are burning too much. And, all they have to do is stop and the pain will just vanish. These are some of the things that goes into the mind of the runner. The only way to get rid of these voices is to learn to control your mind and its thoughts.