The fact is that a sport like Bull Riding is the most recognized and popular event as far as all the rodeo events are concerned. It is a very extreme sport that is geared up with a lot of excitement and at the same time offer the fun factor as well. It is also the most dangerous of them all. So one must have proper training before going for this so called sport..

An often quoted saying about bull riding is "it's not if you get hurt, it's when."So I hope you all have understood about it to a fair extent. Let us talk about it further. As far as the above saying is concerned, I can assure that each and every bull rider, no matter if he is a beginner or a professional can attest to the truth of that saying. Right?

As with bareback riding, and saddle bronc, bull riders ride with one hand and the most interesting thing is that they cannot touch themselves or their bull with the free hand. If you will do so, then you will not get any score at all. As far as the scoring pattern is concerned, let me tell you that it is the same as in the other roughstock events.

Two judges give 1-25 points for the cowboy's performance and 1-25 points as far as the animal's performance is concerned. 100 points being the maximum, and if some one manages to get 100 points them of course it is considered a perfect ride. In order to ride, bull riders make use of a bull rope and rosin. The bull rope is a thickly braided rope that is further attached with a cowbell ahead. It is done in order to add an amount of weight that allows the rope to safely fall off the bull when the ride is over.

The rosin is a sticky substance that plays a very important role in increasing the grip on their ropes. Bull Riding is entirely different from Bull fighting. The later one consists of two large bulls eyeing each other until they are goaded into charging. So one must not confuse the concept at all.