So you love playing volleyball. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you must have a perfect knowledge about the fundamentals of the game. That means every one should have a knowledge about the basics of the game. But if you are dealing with beginners, then let me tell you that you must always know the basics first. Never rush to learn all other things in the beginning itself. It is must to have a perfect eye hand coordination, proper stance, passing, blocking, and spiking because all these things play a very important role to enhance the concentration level of a player. And all these can be achieved by doing certain kinds of drills in the game of volleyball. It is necessary for a player to learn the objective of the game, and the rules to gain perfection in the game of volleyball. A team needs to learn the ways to score points. These things should be the core of beginner training. The fact is that Volleyball drills can be broken down into 3 categories. These are:
  • Skill and Movement Specific
  • Tactical, Systematic, Strategic
  • Volleyball Conditioning Specific
I would like to share my personal experience and tell all of you my personal favorite drill. The purpose of this drill (that I call as 'Ball control' is to practice ball control with a wide variety of types of contacts. You just need to put all the players in pairs. Player one hits the ball down to player number two. Player two digs the ball to themselves, tomahawk's to themselves (overhead contact), then left fist only, right fist only, sets to themselves, then again the number two player hits the ball down to player one, who repeats.

Here are some of the benefits of drills:
  • If a player understands the purpose of the drill, rather than just following what their coach has to say in terms of motions, then they will be more interested in the training and hence can make out the most of these drills.
  • Drills for volleyball are important for developing habits. That means that if all the players are continuously indulged in focusing on how to perform a volleyball drill correctly, then it is natural that they can very well improve their capacities to focus in a particular game or competition.
  • If coaches will set goals and set a specific focus to a drill, then they will allow their players to have a better understanding of the motions in the best possible way.