The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), one of the premier sanctioning organizations in America for motorsports. Besides the three largest racing series, the Busch Series, Craftsman Truck Series and NEXTEL cup, NASCAR also oversees the NASCAR Regional Racing, Whelen All-American Series and Whelen Modified Tour. It sanctions over 1500 races at 100 tracks in 39 states of Canada and Mexico.

After coming into business as regional entertainment promoter in South, NASCAR became the second most popular pro sport in the U.S. It sponsors 17 out of 20 top sporting events in the U.S and around 70+ million fans have spent more than $2 billion/year on NASCAR licensed products.

Many advertising professionals have a same opinion when it comes to fans. They all consider auto sports fans the most brand loyal amongst all sports. And this is the real source of profit for the Fortune 500 companies that are sponsoring NASCAR. The races of NASCAR are broadcast in more than 150 nations around the world.

Many have come and gone in the competition. Even the proliferation of cable channels and internet offerings have not affects the NASCAR fans. The numbers for NASCAR are still the same, but now advertisers and auto industry observes are waiting for viewership changes.

With many Japanese cars, most of them built up in the U.S, NASCAR can face stiff competition. When there are no import tuner races, or no one is planning a T.V coverage of the tuner parts conventions, experts are very much keen to see what kind of programming can actually compete with the NASCAR races.