Few years ago, go-karting was only done in local amusement centers, where the rate of accident was rare. People used to race in low speeds, just for fun. With time, go-karting as become a famous sport and those participating in it are advised to follow safety measures during the game. If you follow proper safety measures, then nothing can be more exciting than go karting.

Karting initially had a speed of five miles per hour, but now faster speed karts of upto sixty miles per hour have come in the market. Thus, the sport was much safer before than today, as there were minute chances of collisions. But, racing at sixty miles per hour means greater risks. You must know all these things before getting into the game. Over confidence can also be hazardous in go karting. Driver should take safety measures to make the race exciting.

Karting has some dangers, but the common sense of driver can save him form consequences. Choose the perfect racing level for the sport. You can take karting lessons, which are available at beginners and advanced level. It is not at all difficult to learn karting, but reaching a professional level is something tough. Racing with racers of same level ensures safety. If proper level of racing is not chosen, it might lead to a fatal accident. Practicing one level after another improves and enhances the skills of the driver.

Karting generally involves a speed of 60 miles per hour, but if you are on an “enduro kart”, you can achieve a speed of ninety miles. A shifter kart has more than one hundred and sixty miles per hour speed.

Negligence is the main cause of mishaps in the sport. Therefore, you must take safety precautions when racing with higher level racers. Don't race in a level, you are not comfortable with.

Purchase a good helmet, because most in most of the accidents, the head gets injured and leads to a serious condition. Wearing a proper suit is important, because there are times when fuel tank gets caught in flames.