Motor rallies, a popular sport for motor clubs is still very fresh and continues to hold interest of rally lovers. The rallies held by individual clubs pay more emphasis on working as a team as well as on navigation. They will also be more focused about public roads.

One should know that teamwork and navigation, both are important in motor rallies. And these skills must be mastered by newcomers looking forward to participate in high level events. Road rallies and stage are the two primary categories of motor rallies. Stage rallies are more professional and have been around since 1960s. These are based on pure speed and organized on closed road stretches. Different hazards like sand, snow or ice can also be included in stage rallies. All these stretches are chosen according to the type of challenge provided to both rally car and car's crew.

On the other hand, road rallies that are original form of competition are held on normal highways. These races mainly emphasize on vehicular reliability, navigation and time keeping. We consider road rallies to be amateur events because they can be made open to the novice. These races are held in countries like Australian, which have long stretches on road to properly test the navigation skills of the driver.

Time-speed-distance rally called TSD rally is another type to test the ability of the driver to stay on time and on track. This type of rally is also becoming increasingly popular among speed lovers.

There are many businesses, which specialize in rally car rentals and adventures. If your are looking for a thrilling experience of racing along sandy track, and that too at high sped, or holding tight when your driver gives you quick course on drifting, plenty of ways are there to enjoy what all is offered by car rallies.