There are many factors, which will make you best pool player. Getting a right cue is one of them. When you are planning to buy a new pool cue, consider these few things:

Ideal Weight

Getting a correct weight cue for your skill level will further advance the game. A heavier cue weighing 20-21 ounces is best for beginners, as it stays on line better. A heavy cue will less likely drift with a not-so-perfect stroke. After gaining some experience in the game, you can move on to a lighter cue, which is 19 ounces or less. It will help in controlling the speed of the cue ball.

Size up the Tip

The tips of pool cue range between 11-14 mm, and the standard tip is of 13mm that is best for beginners. You can decrease the tip width based on the experience you have in the game that allows more precise control of spin. All the tips in market are available in different degrees of hardness. Soft tips give better feel of the shot while starting. Hard tips do not get flatten as easily as soft tips. Professionals always prefer to use harder tips.

Personality of the Cue

Most of the buyers often choose a cue with decorative inlay or colors. They also ask for the personalization of the cue, which may increase the price. While there are some who prefer simple cues. You ave to decide the one best for you.

Investment Amount

Decide the amount to be invested on cue by seeing your level of play. The brand name cues are more affordable and best for beginners. You can also get a custom made cue, which will cost from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. But expensive cues when the level of expertise increases.

By evaluating all these aspects, you will be able to find out which pool cue is best suited to your level of play. You can try different types of cues to find your preference. Most important thing is to buy a cue in which you find yourself more comfortable and confident about the game.