Visualization and positive thinking are two things, which most of the players don't apply during game. It has been seen that professional or amateur players suffer from the problems of lack of self-belief, concentration, inability to relax, competition nerves and negative thinking. These feeling prevent the players from performing good.

The power of positive thinking

Whether it is boxing, golf or any other sport, there are number of techniques that help to relax the mind and muscles of every player. Start with a breathing exercise by closing eyes, breath through nose and out deeply through moth.

There is another exercise that is Jacobsen method of muscle relaxation. Close the eyes again and create tension in different muscle groups all over the body. After identifying the tension, the player is instructed to release the tension showing that he can actually take a control on this physical phenomenon. The player will have more control over the game, when he will be more confident about the technique.

Three Stages of Visualization

Most of the players have never thought of visualization techniques. They might get anxious when trying for the first time. So, here is the three stages model for beginners. First of all, sit in an armchair, close eyes and start deep breathing. When you achieve the stage of complete relaxation, move on to a particular stage and focus on any pleasurable time of your life. Imaging the smell of the occasion, clothes people were wearing, time of the day etc. By going back to this time, players re-experience pleasure and learns the visualization technique in a non threatening manner.

Stage two include focusing on great games of his life in the past. The games where he enjoyed most and gained lot of satisfaction. This is a confidence re-building stage.

Next step is to relax and focus on the forthcoming game, and then focusing on the component parts of it.