It is essential for you to concentrate and relax during the bowling motions to get better bowling strikes and cleaning up spares. A strike is when you knock down all the 10 pins at the very first attempt. If you don't strike all, and knock down the remaining ones second time, it means a spare.

It can be difficult for players to score points, if they fail to get atleast a spare. So, here are few tips to help you in getting strikes and spares.

Learning to recognize the condition of the bowling lane is the first step to good bowling. Observe if the lane is oily, the ball will slide a lot, and it will mostly roll on a dry lane. None of the both is easier, but you should know how to deal with them.

Before making an attempt, visualize yourself making a strike or a spare. Then go out and make the attempt just like you visualized it to be a smooth motion and a proper release. The benefit of visualization is that you always make attempts at strikes and spares with a mind of how the ball will travel and hit the pins. The biggest mistake new bowlers do is that they try to toss a ball down the center of the lane, hoping that it hits the pins, that too without any specific goal.

Bowling is a complex game, when we talk about how to score, but nearly all bowling alleys now have computers to calculate the score. You should know that hitting consecutive strikes gives lots of bonus points to the player. Beginners should atleast aim at getting a spare or a double digit score, if not a strike. You should know that turkey or a chicken are taken as compliments in the game. A turkey is used for three strikes in a row, and a chicken means three spares in a row.

It is really essential for beginners to learn how to throw a straight ball. Spins are meant more for professionals, and you could even hurt yourself by twisting the wrist instead of fingers. Beginners can also score in triple digits by throwing the plastic ball straight towards the pins of their choice. This is the best when you want to clean up with a spare. The best feature of a plastic ball is that is travels straight, without being affected by the type of surface of the alley.