Are you about to participate in a bodybuilding competitions? Then, it is time for you to think beyond greasing your body and flexing your muscles for the judges. For such competition it's important that you also prepare yourself both mentally and physically, to remain at the top of your game. Here are some of the basic tips, which will help you get into the correct track for some serious competition.

1. Cold shower

It has been seen that taking cold showers daily enhances the muscles thermodynamic properties. Make sure that the flow of water reach your back and armpits. Although, cold water shrinks muscles for a short period but they recover to there normal size after a while. Most health experts suggest bodybuilders to take cold showers after their morning workout.

2. Diet

Try having things that you hate everyday prior to the competition. This step will help you prepare both mentally as well as physically. However, you should stay away from junk food as they are known to slow your progress. They act as a road block for most bodybuilders. Stay away from alcohol because they make the body fatigue while competing.

3. Set goals

One of the basic steps while competing is to set personal goals. It will help you stay motivated and act as a source of motivation while preparing for the competition. These goals will also help you get rid of your fears and increase your chances of winning in these competitions.

4. Consistency

Make sure to remain consistent during your training schedule before the competition. As, you'll not like to be out shape before the competition. Since, all your hard work and effort will go waste.

5. Rest properly

It is important to devote enough time to rest between workout sessions. Besides, make sure to assign atleast 8 hours sleep every day.

These are some of the basic steps while preparing for a bodybuilding competition.